Basketball betting prediction tips

basketball prediction tips

Among popular sports in the world today is basketball. Within the Roch betting tips family we've got you fully covered with well analyzed basketball betting prediction tips. Since we are based in the US, we'll be able to provide you with quality NBA basketball betting predictions tips.

Normally, NBA season runs from October to June the following year. We have got you covered with the following;

Basketball leagues:

Europe: Euroleague, Eurocup

Italy: Lega A

Spain: ACB

Turkey: Super Ligi



Argentina, Sweden, Lithuania, Romania, Norway, Poland and many more.

Basketball betting is widely followed and has made great fortunes and huge cash outlays for most of the people. Basketball betting prediction tips are less risky when compared to soccer or football prediction tips. Our experts at Roch Tips have a great experience in this field and provide you with quality tips on a daily basis provided the games are available.


Our basketball betting prediction tips covers the following range;

  • Over/Under - We predict if the total number of points scored during the entire match will be over or under the spread indicated.
  • Over/Under HT - We predict if the total number of points scored during the first half of the match will be over or under the spread indicated.
  • Half Time -  We predict the outcome of the first half time of the match.
  • Home/Away - We predict the winner of the match. There are two possible outcomes: 1 (the first player/team wins), 2 (the second player/team wins).
  • Plus other basketball betting tips favorites like Scoreline Odds/Even, 1st Quarter Winner, plus a broad range of handicap markets.

Additionally, in order to view our tips daily, you'll be required to regularly visit our site for the tips. Always play our game as they are, we do not guarantee excessive returns on the tips, but at least some profits for you.



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