Best Websites and Apps for Sports

Best Websites and Apps for Sports

The best websites and apps for sports are similar and appear to be dated but to create digital offering, there are teams/clubs who have different agencies. Using the same style of template are a great many EPL Soccer sites,  NFA and NBA sites.

Sport Websites and Examples of Apps:

  1. Showtime Sports:

Full of great content, this is quite simply a stunning site for sports and gets it just right for a dark UI. The balance is great here as it’s easy to see how a fully responsive dark website with a lot of content could be overpowering. The body copy would definitely do with being slightly larger as a small criticism but however, it’s a great work piece.

  1. Makurasport:

Vertically scrolling parallax effects combined with great photography and clear, cold typography, this is an excellent website for sports. It’s still easy to navigate and great to look at although unconventional, but there isn’t a massive amount of content.

  1. Nike Move:

For sports, it not only works well as an app and website but also looks great. In a simple, colorful and fun way, the app displays back the users activity data. With a good combination of fonts, the UI utilizes a bright, friendly, reduced color palette.

  1. BBC Sport App:

For daily viewing, BBC Sports is quite an essential sports app for any UK sports fans. For their dedication, care and constantly improving their digital offering, they’re renowned all over the world. Clean, striped back, usable and with a nice user experience are some of its best qualities as you would expect from BBC.

  1. Manchester City Football Club:

Thanks to the extremely wealthy club owners as this website has been around for years now, but it’s still one of the few professional football websites with no advertising. This sports website is very strongly branded and it is beautiful, bold and clear. In terms of look and feel and functionality it’s very obvious right from the first page that the club owners have heavily invested on this website.

  1. FIFA Official App:

From the bulk of apps for sports available at the moment, beautiful typography and a nice clean UI distinguishes this app. It’s pleasurable to use from it’s clean iconography, large full bleed images and large clear type. If you follow football this is a great little app that also has similar feel to the Arsenal website in terms of typography and white space. Not a bad thing though.

  1. Arsenal Football Club:

In terms of craft, usability and content this is arguably the most impressive football club website for sports. It looks great on any screen size and the content arranged fantastically. It also feels fresh as it is device responsive. Even for Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur fans, it makes the site a joy to read and use with its wonderful typography.

  1. Adidas Website:

With a ton of stunning imagery, you can always rely on this website for sports. You can simply learn a lot about how to effectively promote and display a product, in a way that catches attention but doesn’t distract. It is a great source for design inspiration if only to check out the various sections banners.

  1. Formula 1 Official Website:

With a wealth of great information displayed in visually and interactive ways, the redesign of this website is responsive and looks great as a website for sports. To create an overall engaging and fun experience, there are also plenty of animated elements. With large full bleed images at the top of each article, the individual news items also look great.

  1. ca:

Ensuring this website for sports really stands out is the lovely combination of bold, clear typography, moodily shot photography and a dark color palette. Adding to the absorbing atmosphere, it makes fantastic use of animation upon interaction. To create this engaging and attractive experience, there has been some real synergy between developer  and designer.

  1. Lecoqsportif:

With a very modern, flat and clean style, sports brand le coq sportif have a fantastic looking website which is the most minimalistic website for sports. Looking at the homepage, clean and readable typography, solid green structure and consistent quality style of photography throughout, the fundamentals of good web design are evident.

  1. Puma:

When it comes to big budget sports brands that do digital perfectly, Puma, Nike and Adidas are definitely competing for the top spot. With cool, stylish photography, clean topography and plenty of nice interactive products to play around with, this site has a strong portfolio of websites and apps.





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