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Betting tips in sports is a  tip or a set bet suggested by a third party who is known to be more knowledgeable or experienced in betting more than the  bookmakers who give out the original betting odds.

Types of betting tips

We have various types of betting tips given by tipsters or experts, these tips vary from bookie to another. Below are various and most common tips offered by various bookies and what they mean

  • Home Win or 1 – This means the team playing at home is likely to win the match
  • Draw or x – The game will have no winner, the match ends in a draw
  • Away Win or 2 – Game is likely to end with the away or the second team listed winning the match.
  • Over/ under Tips – There various types of the over and under tips depending the goals outcome of the match. Most common ones are;


  1. Over/Under 0.5 match ends with at least one goal, or no goal for under 0.5
  2. Over/Under 1.5 match ends with at least two goals, or less than two goals for under 1.5 tip
  3. Over/Under 2.5 match ends with at least three goals, or less than three goals for under 2.5 tips
  4. Over/Under 3.5 match ends with at least four goals, or less than four goals for under 3.5 tips
  5. Over/Under 4.5 match ends with at least five goals, or less than five goals for under 4.5 tips
  • Both teams Score tips – This means the game must end up with at least both the teams scoring one goal each for the bet to win.

There are more tips you can learn more about them later.

The use of tips

Betting tips are used in prediction of match outcomes and used by various punters to stake their bets on various bookmakers. When one is given a betting tip, they are more likely to place them as bets in the bookies at certain amount to double or triple or multiply even more the outcomes.

Most people have made a great fortune out of betting tips, but only through careful use of the tips.

Users of tips are encouraged to stake wisely their betting tips as sometimes it may result in a very huge financial loss that can cause depression even sometimes for guys to commit murder.

Gamble responsibly.3=


Sites that offer betting tips

There are various sites that offer good betting predictions tips, we shall discuss more about them in the future, but here is a list of the most common ones.




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